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1、When the graphite electrode is being loaded and transpoded itshould be done carefully.not struck.You。d be~er use special tools,and roast it before using them.
  2、Before connecting new electrodes or nipples,you need to use compressed air to clean the opening of serew of electrodes and tighten the surface of the electrodes.
  3、After connecting the electrodes,you should make the surface of two electrodes rapid and intense.
  4、The electrodes lift device of the electric arc stove should be steady during moving to
prevent the nipples and nipple holes.
  5、Don’t grip electrodes with electrodes fixture near the electrodes becoming flexible
  6、To prevent the electrodes in time,and push the waste steel that is not melted into the stove.
  7、When you put the waste steel into the furnace.the bigger blocks of the waste steel should be put at the bootom,the smaller blocks of the waste steel should be put at the top of the furnace.
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